Healthcare Tech Company Consolidates IVR Service, Creating an Estimated 20-30% Reduction in Call Handling Time

A growing healthcare technology company had accumulated too many 800-numbers and needed to consolidate various IVR systems into a single service strategy. With the help of EPIC Connections, the company condensed 1,343 toll-free numbers and a library of routing diagrams into a prioritized plan that reduced call handling time by 20-30%.

Situation: Too Many 800-Numbers, IVRs, & Transfers

An independent healthcare technology company was growing in leaps and bounds. With every new business acquisition, it added more toll-free phone numbers to its customer service portfolio, and each new batch of numbers was backed by a different IVR technology and support process. With disparate systems, contact center agents had to transfer callers multiple times. The result was frustration on every front—agents, physicians, payers, and members were advocating for better service. As a result, executives were under pressure to quickly define the scope of the problem and execute on a consolidated IVR service strategy that would assign ownership, deliver superior experiences, and lower costs.

Demonstrating knowledge of the healthcare payer and provider market, EPIC experts presented deep IVR expertise and concepts for a best-in-class solution. The veteran consultants were hired to inventory and assess the situation, then deliver a single IVR flow with a prioritized roadmap that would outline immediate steps, near-term plans, and additional long-term strategies.

Solution: From 1,343 Phone Numbers to Just a Few

After 8 weeks, EPIC experts had tracked 1,343 different toll-free numbers and cataloged a library of call/decision trees and routing diagrams. Interviewing 35 employees and identifying 18 potential process gaps, the team crafted a unified IVR flow and service plan that included a structure of ownership, seven improvement hypotheses, and 26 recommendations charted in a prioritized roadmap.

  • Short-Term – Customer Experience Enhancement (0-90 days): Assign IVR ownership, fix broken IVR decision trees, implement governance processes, update branding to create consistent voice prompts, and implement additional IVR features
  • Near-Term – IVR Best Practices Implementation (90-120 days): Redesign IVR flows based on best practices, utilize new IVR messaging,  implement KPIs, fully utilize full screen pop technology to enable information sharing with agents, reduce the use of voicemail, and also establish the customer journey, customer value, and a customer experience strategy
  • Long-Term – Customer-Centric Strategy and Workforce Management: Redesign the service operations model around agent skill groups, define omni-channel strategy, create a single customer identifier, build a comprehensive reporting system, and invest in a WFM system and process

EPIC’s change readiness analysis also guided executives in understanding where they might struggle in implementing and managing the IVR transformation.

“Our client had a lot of workers and few managers, which meant its change management mechanism needed additional support. In response, EPIC offered sample communication plans, best practices and suggestions in how to adequately staff and deliver the level of change needed,” said Steve Weston, Sr. Consultant, EPIC Connections.

Using EPIC’s step-by-step instructions and plan, the healthcare company implemented the strategy themselves, working with the contact center and IT teams to revise the IVR platform and monitor success.

Results: An Efficient Enterprise-Wide IVR Platform

Based on information provided during the assessment, EPIC estimates the client results as follows:

The consolidated IVR flow generated efficiency gains across the contact center and greatly improved both the customer and agent experience, reducing the call handling time by 20-30%. The consolidated IVR flow generated efficiency gains across the contact center and greatly improved both the customer and agent experience, reducing the call handling time by 20-30%.

With an enterprise-wide IVR platform, the healthcare company was able to simplify processes, reducing frustration and redundant systems:

  • Integrated CTI screen pop features provided agents with the information they needed to offer the best service possible
  • Visibility into call volumes and IVR reports increased accuracy and decreased management/maintenance time and costs


Call volume visibility and IVR reports increased accuracy and decreased costs

Estimated call handling time reduction: 20-30%

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