Healthcare Provider Increases Revenue by $1.2M with Rapid-Launch Contact Center and Centralized Service

Within 60 days, a dermatology services provider needed to consolidate customer service functions into a single contact center. EPIC Connections combined 1,000 different processes into a unified service strategy that delivered on the deadline and produced $1.7M in patient loyalty and as well as $1.2M in revenue increases.

Situation: Disparate Processes Stymied Service

After a dermatology services provider acquired a network of neighborhood skincare centers across the South and East regions of the United States, executives recognized the need to centralize customer service operations. They wanted to move appointment setting, billing, and laboratory reporting functions out of individual offices and disparate centers and into a single contact center that would serve the entire customer base and manage operations nationwide. Their vision included a standardized process, a single technology system for customer management, as well as a consistent service experience that would increase customer loyalty and the bottom line. Most importantly, the new operation needed to be up and running within 60 days, so the healthcare company could take advantage of time-sensitive real estate opportunities and reinvest savings in additional acquisitions.

EPIC Connections was the chosen partner because its consultants understood the provider market and could leverage experience to design a best-in-class operating model alongside consolidation strategies. Furthermore, the experts would stay dedicated to the project, transferring knowledge and helping the company achieve sustainable success.

Solution: Accelerated Call Center Excellence

Using EPIC’s RapidCheck Assessment service, veteran consultants assessed the existing situation in just 14 days. They documented 1,000 different processes across all locations, consolidating procedures, repairing broken processes and revolutionizing service operations. The result: a 60-day proposal and roadmap to efficiently deliver high-quality service using a single contact center environment.

Root Cause Challenge Implemented Solution & Recognized Benefit
Disparate Service Processes & Systems: Operating as three companies in one, integration was sparse. Field operations and two contact centers duplicated work. Call handling was delegated by function, isolating agent utilization.

Unified Service Operations Model Optimizes Workforce and the Customer Experience

  • One process and procedure for all appointment, billing, and lab functions standardized service, simplifying service
  • Call handling by agent tenure rather than by function increased agent utilization
  • Training methodology improved teaching, learning, and change management
Technology Gaps: Non-integrated systems limited efficiency, and manual customer phone call notification processes caused missed appointments and a loss in revenue.

Integrated Cloud CRM Platform Transforms Service

  • Workforce management (WFM), Quality Assurance (QA) and speech analytics, training tools, performance analytics, as well as automated customer reminders via email/text
  • Eliminated paper-based processes, reducing agent effort and manual workloads
  • Replaced paper training binders with interactive exercises online
  • Customer reminders created better working relationships 
60-Day Time Limit: Strict deadlines required extra support in key areas to accelerate the solution design and implementation

Professional Services Deliver a Rapid Response

  • Technology selection assistance accelerated evaluations and decision making
  • Site selection guidance provided data-backed investment advice for the new call center location
  • Optimization services ensured top performance and measurable ROI 

Results: $3.4M in Operational Savings

Leveraging EPIC’s pre-qualified portfolio of contact center partners, the healthcare provider had a 60-day solution, allowing them to take advantage of real estate opportunities. And within six months, a new centralized contact center was operating on an integrated, cloud CRM platform with a consolidated service model. This “single source of truth” used efficiency-driven procedures to maximize workforce utilization.

As a result, call volumes plunged, decreasing incoming calls by one third. Hiring and training departments underwent a digital transformation, reducing training times from 30 days to two weeks. Automated email and text appointment reminders informed and engaged customers. With better rapport, appointment appearance rates increased by 20%. Over the next three years, the company gained ~$1.7M in patient retention and loyalty. These changes also sparked revenue increases of ~$1.2M and operational savings of ~$3.4M over the same time period.

“Our healthcare client was able to tear down barriers that stood in front of delivering a superior customer service, achieving economies of scale, and leveraging operational savings,” said Steve Weston, Senior Consultant, EPIC Connections. “They’re now able to buy more practices and have the foundational elements necessary for successful change management as their business grows.”

Operational savings of $3.4M

$1.7M in increased patient loyalty

Call volumes decreased by 1/3

“I wanted to thank you and your team again for helping us avoid a disruption in service. You all have been very professional, capable, and great to work with, and I really appreciate it.”

Director of Operations, Healthcare Organization

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