Clients work with EPIC to optimize and improve call center operations. Here’s a sample of our recent engagements.

Fortune 100 Company Improves Customer Experience and Retention with EPIC Consulting

A fortune 100 strove to improve customer experience by redefining member interaction from efficient to advocate. Due to the breadth of products offered, the advisor needed to access over 40 applications with limited system integration and consumer preference data.

Fortune 500 Company Reduces Agent Attrition and Improves Quality with EPIC Consulting

The global health services company was looking to implement a blend of existing internal contact centers with on-shore, nearshore, offshore and work-at-home agents. The existing model was suffering from high agent attrition, expensive assets (including leases) and marginal customer service performance.

Fortune 500 Company Reduces Costs While Maintaining Customer Satisfaction with EPIC Consulting

A Fortune 500 company sought to maintain customer satisfaction while meeting aggressive cost-cutting goals. A key tactic was to triple containment rate in automated self-service IVR.

Fortune 500 Healthcare Company Reduces Costs and Improves Quality with EPIC Consulting

Having grown through acquisitions and mergers, the company had multiple contact centers servicing similar types of callers with different processes and performance measures. Additionally, some of the centers were overstaffed while others were understaffed and customer experience was dependent on the contact center responsible for the account. The company wanted to reduce the overall number of contact centers while implementing enterprise-level operational management capabilities, a universal customer experience model and data-driven culture.

Global BPO Enhances Operational Functionality with EPIC Consulting

A global BPO strove to enhance operational funcationality to allow for a successful entry into the Healthcare vertical. With no WFM tool in place and inconsistent hiring processes across multiple sites, attition rates were high and call quality was low.

Global Manufacturer and Distributor Develops Consistent Hiring Processes and Staffing Strategies with EPIC Consulting

A global manufacturer and distributor was experiencing flat sales growth over the past few years along with rising costs for sales delivery.

Improving Customer Interactions with EPIC’s Business Process Review

This client was faced with an inconsistent, noncustomer-centric operational and customer interactions environment. The result was an overall lower level of customer satisfaction, an increased number of customer complaints and a reduced customer retention rate.

Large Financial Services Company Improves Customer Service Operations

A large financial services company was faced with missing and non-integrated technologies, an unsustainable operating model and prolonged call handling times due to call transfers. EPIC added critically-needed technologies with integrated systems to enable improvements in work flow and process management resulting in a net savings of $1.9 million by the third year.

Leading Provider of Comprehensive Dermatology Services Improves Training with EPIC Consulting

The health services company had grown through acquisition resulting in ‘three businesses in one.’ Multiple touchpoints existed on the customer journey as the client had both in-the-field clinical operations as well as traditional call center and self-services offerings.

Major Health Care Plan Increases Agent Productivity with EPIC Consulting

Prior to the IEX TotalView implementation, the client did not utilize a formal WFM application for demand forecasting, agent scheduling, or real-time change management. The client’s objectives included improved forecasting accuracy, optimization of agent schedules and improved visibility into real-time schedule adherence.

Multi-State Health, Wellness and Member Company

A multi-state health and wellness company engaged EPIC to move from legacy, end-of-life technology to a web-based, OPEX model.

Regional Health Plan Increases Agent Productivity with WFM

A well respected, regional health plan sought to increase efficiencies in its service and sales centers by increasing agent productivity. The group also wanted to ensure that they continued to provide outstanding levels of customer service.

Top Insurance and Services Company Increases Customer and Member Satisfaction with EPIC

A top insurance company engaged EPIC to increase customer satisfaction scores and customer retention by migrating from 40+ fragmented IT applications to a single application, blending contact channels and segmenting skill groups to align with customer requirements.

Top U.S. Provider of Self-Funded Health Insurance Plans Moves from Legacy Platforms

A top provider of self-funded health insurance plans engages EPIC to move from fragmented legacy platforms with high handle times to a concise, single platform.

AI is taking over the call center. Are you ready?

Learn everything you need to know about artificial intelligence in the Call Center: why you need it, where to use it, and how it impacts the customer experience.

Making Good Voice Decisions: IVR Capabilities and Deployment

Implementing a traditional IVR can be a painful journey. If you are implementing an IVR, either on premise or through a managed service that depends on cradle-to-the-grave system development and traditional language tuning, you are in for an experience that you are not likely to enjoy. The bottom line is that it is a lot of work and often does not deliver on the promises of the business case that supported it. Let’s take a walk through the painful journey of a traditional IVR implementation.

The Future of Customer Service

Are you meeting your customers where they want to be met? Are you anticipating their needs, wants, and future expectations? There is a disconnect between corporate and consumer perception of customer service performance that needs to be addressed. Join Bill Pieper, President of EPIC Connections, and a panel of specialists to examine what brands are doing well, the challenges they face, and what to expect from customers in 2016 and beyond.

Overcoming the Top Ten Call Center Challenges

Creating and maintaining a good call center can be challenging, but it isn’t impossible. Learn to identify these top ten call center challenges to grow and improve your call center.

6 Steps to Move Your Contact Center to the Cloud

Today’s companies are at the mercy of increasingly empowered customers who expect convenient, consistent and speedy service. They expect brands to know what they want before they ask for it. Such rapidly changing demands require the business agility to serve customers across any channel, from any place, at any time—and to make adjustments as needed—quickly and with minimum effort and resources.

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