Managed Services for Contact Centers

Ensure continuous improvement. Tap into operations & tech expertise when you need it most.

Everyone Needs an Expert in Their Corner

Contact center excellence is a process—technology deployment and optimization is just the beginning. Change is inevitable as internal and market demands shift. Clients look to EPIC throughout their journey toward excellence. The team at EPIC can help in many ways as your trusted advisor on an ongoing basis.


Project Management

Scale, expand, transition…easily.

Wouldn’t it be great if contact center transitions were as simple as drag and drop?  Technology implementations, transitions from captive to outsourced or home agent contact centers, and other people, process, or technology transformations require a guide—someone to navigate your organization through the process, from getting stakeholder buy-in to staying on-time and on-budget.  We’ll be your project manager to support your transition and to ensure that your interests are protected.

Staff Augmentation

Shore up your team to keep things moving seamlessly.

Need to fill in the gaps on your team?  We can augment your staff with expert IT resources that can support you with ongoing maintenance, technology updates, and other modifications to your contact center technology. Shore up your team to keep things moving seamlessly and let your resources focus on their ‘day’ jobs.

CCaaS Technology Ongoing Support

Keep driving forward to meet goals. Remove the headaches on your journey.

Great! Your contact center is up and running. The people, processes and technologies are aligned and in place. However, the life cycle of the contact center doesn’t have an ‘ending’—along the way, a myriad of challenges and opportunities will crop up, regardless of how perfect your plan was to start, because your business changes. EPIC provides general support, on-going platform administration, and technology optimization to support your contact center’s ability to adapt to business and organizational changes.

Although many firms opt to engage their chosen technology platform vendor for generalized support, the contact center is more than just technology—it requires an integrated services and support program. This is where EPIC plays a pivotal role.  Use our hard-earned contact center expertise to provide ongoing support to drive the results you want.


“EPIC is a great team to work with. They have helped our customers implement and optimize inContact to meet on-going business objectives.”

Corporate Account Executive, inContact

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