Conversational AI: Handling Complex Tasks

This video will discuss the components that make up conversational AI: exceptional speech recognition, 100% Natural Language, continual learning, and complex task handling.
In our third video, “Conversational Platforms,” Tom describes the capabilities and constraints around voice and chat automation on the market today. Unlike menu-based routing that leads to long hold times for an agent, conversational AI allows customers to speak naturally to the system in order to accomplish their task.

In fact, AI solutions actually deliver faster and easier service than live agents across many call types, while always providing live agent failover so every call is completed successfully. For example, while customer authentication is a process that can take agents up to three minutes to complete, AI automation can authenticate in 90 seconds. These “Siri-like” virtual assistants for the contact center handle the drudgery and mundane data gathering so live agents don’t have to.

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