Contact Center AI: Setting the Stage

This video will describe the evolution of the contact center, the technology landscape, and the buzz around AI.

In the first video, “What is AI?”, SmartAction CEO Tom talks about using AI to solve business problems rather than focus on the wonders of AI’s potential. To demonstrate what he means, here are four ways AI automation is impacting the contact center today.

  1. Greeting every customer with a natural language front door – “How can I help you?” – and capturing intent before routing calls, chats, and texts to live agents, AI agents, or other self-service.
  2. Gathering data upfront, such as customer authentication or product registration, which is passed along to live agents for faster and more efficient support.
  3. Containing repetitive conversations that live agents handle today, such as order status, appointment scheduling, returns, and much more.
  4. Performing outbound calls and texts with live agent failover for high success rates.

If you need help exploring AI for your contact center, contact us at or call (402) 884-4700 x 207. We will explore the top use cases for AI in your contact center.


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