Contact Center AI: How to Get Started

This video will focus on some of the “simple” ways to get started and discuss some real-life use cases.


In our fourth and final video, “How to Get Started with AI,” Tom offers best practices on cutting through the noise around AI and where to actually start automating. Thanks to great advancements in speech recognition, your contact center can now take full advantage of the incredible cognitive abilities of AI to offload calls and chats from live agents to AI agents.

Many companies are already automating thousands of calls, chats, and texts for simple conversations like order status and payments, as well as more complex processes like authentication, returns, roadside assistance, and dozens more. These companies have experienced tangible returns in contact center savings, scalability, and customer satisfaction.

Together, we can uncover one or two use cases perfect for AI automation that will significantly cut down the call times handled by your live agents contact us at or call (402) 884-4700 x 207.

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