Clark Lawlor’s bio

The Music Man Who Gathers No Moss Might Be the Next You Tube Sensation

EPIC’s Senior Implementation Engineer, Clark Lawlor, has a mind that consistently turns chaos into harmony. By day, he assesses the myriad of client needs, engineering contact center configurations that bring together the right mix of technology and skillsets to support business process and deliver the ultimate customer experience. By night, this composer and talented pianist/singer arranges musical compositions, blending instruments and harmonic structures to balance rhythm and tone for the most melodic storytelling.

The key foundation that underpins Clark’s artisan ways is constant change. He tires of things quickly and cycles through favorite songs, never overplaying any single tune for too long—as that would be torturous. Thriving on variety, this rolling stone gathers no moss.

Quite literally, too! Since the age of 19, Clark has had a condition called Alopecia Areata, which means his hair falls out in random patches for long stints of time. Luckily however, it only affects his chin and beard! Every few years or so, he may have the chance to muster up some whiskers, but mostly he’s a smooth man in motion.

The beauty of Clark’s kinesis is that it fosters his success. After all, he isn’t known to take vacation. He and his wife must keep up with their four children, which he describes as “very active.” But the truth is, they’re known to be a little mischievous at times. Clark will tell you that his “main hobby is keeping his wife and children alive.” Ask Clark about the time his youngest boys (ages 5 and 8) snuck out of the house with his car keys. With a fifth child on the way, the fact that Clark prefers a constantly evolving world where he can prosper in turning disorder into order is, well, good fortune.