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Our professional services team has a wealth of knowledge across a variety of areas of operation.

Enhance Your Customer Experience and Optimize Your Business Processes

You already know that EPIC partners with the leading providers of contact center technology. But what truly sets us apart is the industry-leading expertise we pride ourselves on having. Our professional services team has a wealth of knowledge across a variety of mission critical areas of operation, and utilizes that knowledge to optimize your business processes, improve your customer and agent experience, and increase your ROI so you can focus on what you do best – running and growing your business.


IVR & Self Service with Artificial Intelligence

What if you were able to clone your top performing agents and duplicate them throughout your contact center? Imagine the increased potential! We consider your IVR to be your “top agent” – it takes more calls than all other agents combined, never takes a break or a day off, and does exactly what you tell it to do every single time. If your top agent is not as streamlined and efficient as it can be, your customer experience will suffer, creating retention and satisfaction issues.

Our consultants will explore the depths of your business and will redesign your customer experience from the ground up, utilizing industry-leading best practices. Along the way, we will uncover and identify opportunities for internal process improvement. At the conclusion of this engagement, you will be presented with custom-designed call flows covering every possible interaction “from A to Z” that takes place in your IVR. In addition, you will receive a detailed comprehensive final report outlining our findings and associated recommendations to align your operation with industry-leading best practices.

WFM Staffing Models

Is your WFM platform being utilized appropriately for your business? Over or under scheduling can cost you big – not just in hard costs, but intangible costs as well.

While understaffing can lead to dissatisfied employees resulting in high turnover, overstaffing can result in similar issues, creating a financial burden while agents sit waiting for the next call. Agents also become bored when underutilized, creating a retention problem due to lack of job satisfaction.

WFM Processes

You’ve acquired a great tool to help you with staff planning and scheduling, but are you really gaining all the efficiency you could from automating your Workforce Management Solution? ROI and efficiency are the primary reasons many companies automated their WFM Solution, but often the WFM Solution never achieves the expected ROI. Some of the reasons this occurs can be due to:

  • Inexperienced WFM Team
  • Company culture
  • Perceived inequities
  • Fear of change
  • Outmoded processes

Let our WFM experts help you and your team to analyze your current processes, scheduling rules, and staffing models to maximize your WFM Solution. Our proven, four phased process will provide you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions on your processes and drive improvements in your contact center.

New Process and Technology Adoption Assurance

Once your new process or technology goes live, you can breathe a sigh of relief—you did it!  The next step is making sure it’s being used the way you intended.  We can get your team up to speed on the new process or technology from the get-go, help them work through any kinks, and keep them on track to achieve your desired ROI.

“EPIC is a great team to work with. They have helped our customers implement and optimize inContact to meet on-going business objectives.”

Corporate Account Executive, inContact

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