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Workforce Optimization

You’ve invested significant time and money in your Workforce Management, Quality Monitoring, Self-Service and Analytics tools. But, are you utilizing them to their full potential?

The applications offered through your contact center’s technology give you a transparent view into the day-to-day workings of your business, allowing you to identify issues and act on them quickly and effectively. However, those decisions are only as good as the data being produced.

rapidcheck-savingsA solid foundation enables you to utilize the technology to its fullest, ensuring that your business objectives are met—and exceeded.

EPIC’s team of contact center professionals will partner with your team to perform a thorough evaluation of your workforce, operations and technology. Our team will help improve your forecasting and scheduling, quality assurance, analytics, retention and training.

Our experts will help you by:

  • Reviewing your WFO solution’s “current state” and identifying under-utilized functionality
  • Validating your WFO model for efficiency and accuracy
  • Identifying and closing functional gaps
  • Implementing industry best practices

EPIC Connections will spend two weeks reviewing your WFO solution, meeting with key stakeholders and working with your team to validate business objectives and goals. Upon completion, we will deliver an executive summary to your team, detailing our findings and recommendations for improving utilization of your WFO solution.

Savings Estimate

Through workforce, operations and technology optimization, EPIC saved one client 21% annually**.

Here’s how we did it:

  • 5% reduction in call volume by making self-help options easier to find on website
  • 20% reduction of contact center management time by automating processes
  • Elimination of two Quality Assurance staff through deployment of QA call recording software
  • Reduced email handling time by creating more structure on the email submission form

** Savings were based on implementation of all recommended changes. Client was a global manufacturing company with a 250 agent contact center.

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Workforce Optimization Overview

A contact center workforce optimization solution integrates disparate contact center technologies—including contact center performance management, e-learning, interaction analytics, quality management and workforce management—which execute against a high-level framework encompassing strategic contact center planning; agent recruitment, deployment, monitoring, evaluation, improvement and motivation; and corporate accountability and contribution.

Workforce Optimization (WFO)
Workforce Management (WFM)
Forecasting & Scheduling
Quality Management (QM) & Assurance (QA)
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Performance Management
Real-time Adherence (RTA)