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RapidCheck™ Assessment Services

EPIC’s RapidCheck service packages are designed to deliver powerful ROI to customers.

Delivered by veterans of the contact center industry, with deep experience in operations, process and human capital strategies, the new EPIC Connections RapidCheck packages include a 5-7 day assessment* of your contact center’s workforce, operations and/or technology. These packages are designed to uncover potential savings and areas of improvement at an affordable price.

At the conclusion of your RapidCheck assessment, EPIC Connections will provide the following:

  • An executive presentation of process, analysis, and key recommendations.
  • A project plan with the steps required to address the primary challenges regarding the desired objectives.
  • An overview of your customized Roadmap, which includes step-by-step approach of when and how to implement each recommendation (short term, near term, long term).

* May vary based number of contact centers and agents.

Workforce Optimization RapidCheck

Our Workforce Optimization pros will validate your customer’s WFO model, identify functional gaps and provide a roadmap for implementing best practices in WFM, quality, analytics and reporting.


Operational Effectiveness RapidCheck

Based on deep best practices expertise and translating strategic goals into operational actions, EPIC will identify gaps in your customer’s performance management strategy and custom-design enhanced processes, metrics and measurement methods.


Technology Utilization RapidCheck

Experts in many contact center technology ecosystems, EPIC will examine your customer’s existing technology stack, make recommendations for immediate rapid value enhancements and build a long-term blueprint for technology success.


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What will you get?

Our team of contact center experts will help optimize your contact center to enhance your service levels and realize return on investment. EPIC Connections follows a proven 4-phase methodology in order to achieve optimal success:

Phase 1: Analysis

  • Key stakeholder discussions and interviews in order to gain an understanding of business objectives
  • Analysis of business processes, documentation, existing technology and contractual or business limitations

Phase 2: On-Site Discovery

  • Team interviews and evaluation of current business practices
  • Comprehensive understanding of existing solution and gain a full understanding of company and organizational culture
  • Initiate development of your fully customized roadmap

Phase 3: Gap Analysis

  • Identify opportunities for optimization and perform current gap analysis
  • Recognize areas for enhancements and cost savings
  • Consultation with team and/or other key stakeholders
  • Complete roadmap and prioritization matrix

Phase 4: Custom Roadmap

  • Executive presentation of process, analysis, and key recommendations
  • Overview of your customized roadmap
  • Distribution of prioritization matrix (soft copy)

At the conclusion of the engagement, our experts will present their top recommendations which highlight potential ROI, industry best practices, process improvements and workforce enhancements. You’ll also receive a customized roadmap and prioritization matrix detailing which initiatives should be pursued first based on business objectives.

Sample 7-day assessment timeline