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Operational Effectiveness

Has your company made significant investments in contact center infrastructure but failed to achieve the expected ROI?

The applications offered through your contact center’s technology are designed to deliver a great customer experience. However, overlaying new technology on top of outdated operational processes can lead to headaches.

rapidcheck-savingsA solid foundation enables you to utilize the technology to its fullest, ensuring that your business objectives are met—and exceeded.

EPIC’s team of contact center professionals will partner with your team to perform a thorough evaluation of your call flows, reporting, metrics, compliance and contact center infrastructure. Our team will identify potential gaps in your performance management strategy and execution to improve productivity and quality in your existing operation.

Our experts will help you by:

  • Delivering a best-in-class customer experience while allowing you to enjoy the projected ROI
  • Leveraging our expertise to help you streamline operations
  • Identifying targets and processes to achieve each selected metric, both for KPIs and service levels
  • Providing full-service contact center build-out and consolidation capabilities

EPIC Connections will spend two weeks reviewing your operations infrastructure, meeting with key stakeholders and working with your team to validate business objectives and goals. Upon completion, we will deliver an executive summary to your team, detailing our findings and recommendations for improving processes and performance.

Savings Estimate

Through workforce, operations and technology optimization, EPIC saved one client 21% annually**.

Here’s how we did it:

  • 5% reduction in call volume by making self-help options easier to find on website
  • 20% reduction of contact center management time by automating processes
  • Elimination of two Quality Assurance staff through deployment of QA call recording software
  • Reduced email handling time by creating more structure on the email submission form

** Savings were based on implementation of all recommended changes. Client was a global manufacturing company with a 250 agent contact center.

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What will you get?

Our team of contact center experts will help optimize your operations to improve efficiencies and realize return on investment. EPIC Connections follows a proven 4-phase methodology in order to achieve optimal success:

Phase 1: Analysis

  • Key stakeholder discussions and interviews in order to gain an understanding of business objectives
  • Analysis of business processes, documentation, existing technology and contractual or business limitations

Phase 2: On-Site Discovery

  • Team interviews and evaluation of current business practices
  • Comprehensive understanding of existing solutions and operations challenges, and gain a full understanding of company and organizational culture
  • Initiate development of your fully customized Operations Optimization Roadmap

Phase 3: Gap Analysis

  • Identify opportunities for optimization and perform current gap analysis
  • Recognize areas for service level enhancement and cost savings
  • Consultation with key stakeholders
  • Complete Operations Optimization Roadmap and Prioritization Matrix

Phase 4: Custom Roadmap

  • Executive presentation of process, analysis, and key recommendations
  • Overview of your customized Operations Optimization Roadmap
  • Distribution of Prioritization Matrix (soft copy)

At the conclusion of the engagement, our experts will present their top recommendations which highlight potential ROI, industry best practices, process improvements and workforce enhancements. You’ll also receive a customized Operations Optimization Roadmap and Prioritization Matrix detailing which initiatives should be pursued first based on business objectives.

rapidcheck-chartEstimated savings for 300 seat contact center with implementation of all recommended changes