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Managed Services

EPIC Connections is vendor agnostic and offers cloud contact center infrastructure deployment, support and optimization services for the leading software, platform and SAAS/PAAS providers. Our team of experts offers recommendations based upon industry best practices and what is best for your business.

Whether you are looking to upgrade existing or outdated technology, streamline operations through process improvement, or optimize your workforce, EPIC Connections has the expertise to be your trusted transformation partner.

Our team of contact center professionals provide expertise and affordable solutions for:

Cloud Infrastructure Deployment

Is it time to migrate to the cloud or replace outdated technology? Let EPIC guide you from the selection process all the way through the optimization phase. Our experts will recommend the optimal services for your call center, including omni-channel services like chat, email, and social media.

Support and Optimization

Does your technology perform the way you expected? Are you enjoying the projected ROI that was calculated while choosing which technology to deploy? If your answer is “no,” EPIC is ready to help. We have helped numerous clients get the most out of their underperforming technology platforms. A solid foundation enables you to utilize the technology to its fullest, ensuring that your business objectives are met—and exceeded.

Staff Augmentation Solutions

EPIC Connections can provide support staff to work side-by-side with your teams to ensure implemented processes and technologies are working in optimal fashion. Support can be provided for all operation areas typically found within a service/contact center operating model including: core operations, workforce management, performance management and analytics.

Within EPIC’s services platforms clients gain critical advantages that provide proven outcomes and ROI:


Best in class network of technology partners across key application areas


Clients only pay for what they need and use… cloud based, utility model


All pricing fee based, becoming Opex versus Capex within cloud platform


Speed to market accelerated and can scale as needed to meet demand

Speed to Market

Cloud-based platform and experienced teams creates immediate opportunity


Provides solutions tailored for each client and fills IT/Process gaps

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