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Call Center Consulting

Over 325 clients have used our call center consulting services to optimize their call centers.

Our team of experienced contact center professionals has successfully optimized workforce, operations, technology and outsourcing for over 325 clients.

EPIC’s approach is unique in the way that it blends deep operational and consultative expertise to tailor solutions and then works alongside client staff to ensure the solutions are optimized and full benefits are realized.

EPIC’s team will partner with your team to perform a thorough evaluation of your back office and contact center operations. Our team will compare current operations with industry best practices and design a strategy to improve productivity and performance.

Our experts will:

  • Deliver a best-in-class customer experience
  • Leverage our expertise to help you streamline operations
  • Design a proven contact center operational model

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Why Engage EPIC?

EPIC Connections Full Circle Pledge

We know that transforming your contact center can be some of the toughest work you will ever do. These initiatives tend to be very high stakes and even higher visibility, sometimes exposing weakness in process, decision making and even in management.

At EPIC, we understand that these high stakes can impact the careers of key players in your organization and we are here to assist. In addition to providing our technology and contact center expertise, we pledge to help you successfully bring your contact center initiative Full Circle:

  • We’ll help you craft high-impact messaging for key stakeholders about the findings of our current state assessment.
  • We’ll aid you in navigating the difficult decisions and “managing up” when required.
  • We’ll augment your team as needed with short-term staff to ensure a great outcome.
  • We’ll arm you with industry benchmarks and best practices to support decision making.
  • We’ll work with you to build a great communication plan to create visibility and buy-in for every step of the initiative.

With EPIC as your transformation partner, you’ll be ensured of a great result for you, your contact center and your company.

At EPIC, we’ve got your back.

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EPIC's Call Center Consulting Full Circle Approach