Call Center Consulting Services

Cost-effective and enduring solutions to improve contact center performance and decrease customer effort.

EPIC Connections is a global customer engagement and contact center consulting company providing:

  • Current State Benchmarking and Gap Awareness/Analysis
  • Critical Business Requirements Definition and Strategic Operating Model Design
  • Provider Evaluation and Recommendations
  • Technology Implementation and Deployment Services
  • Post-implementation Operations and Technology Optimizations Services

to organizations interested in improving the customer experience through multi- and omni-channel customer interactions.

Leveraging our extensive experience in areas such as globalization, expansion of customer communication tools, agent performance monitoring, and cloud-based technology, EPIC Connections designs optimal solutions for its clients by engaging the best talent, at the right time, with effective tools and processes. With over 300 successful contact center engagements, our clients include Fortune 500 companies in healthcare, financial services, insurance, retail and government agencies.

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Transform your contact center with a RapidCheck assessment

Our Process

EPIC’s engagements follow a proven four-phase methodology, beginning with an assessment.


  • Current State Analysis
  • Future State Design
  • Impact Assessment
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Feasibility Study


  • Implementation Plan
  • Capital Plan/ROI Model
  • Agent Performance Model
  • Critical Path Analysis
  • RFP/Vendor Analysis


  • Calibration & Training
  • Strategy Execution
  • Governance
  • Process Administration
  • Project Management


  • Steady-state Evaluation
  • Technology Utilization
  • Performance Metrics & Analysis
  • Ongoing Calibration & Training

Why Engage EPIC?

EPIC Connections’ Full Circle Pledge

We know that transforming your contact center can be some of the toughest work you will ever do. These initiatives tend to be very high stakes and even higher visibility, sometimes exposing weakness in process, decision making and even in management.

At EPIC, we understand that these high stakes can impact the careers of key players in your organization and we are here to assist. In addition to providing our technology and contact center expertise, we pledge to help you successfully bring your contact center initiative Full Circle:

  • We’ll help you craft high-impact messaging for key stakeholders about the findings of our current state assessment.
  • We’ll aid you in navigating the difficult decisions and “managing up” when required.
  • We’ll augment your team as needed with short-term staff to ensure a great outcome.
  • We’ll arm you with industry benchmarks and best practices to support decision making.
  • We’ll work with you to build a great communication plan to create visibility and buy-in for every step of the initiative.

With EPIC as your transformation partner, you’ll be ensured of a great result for you, your contact center and your company.

At EPIC, we’ve got your back.

“EPIC has been awesome and if they weren’t on the project, we would have had big problems. I think it was money well spent.”

Director of Contact Center Operations, Healthcare Services Provider