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People, Process, Technology: Focused on Achieving your Business Objectives.

Improve contact center performance—no matter where you are in the journey.

Contact centers are literally in our blood — EPIC has emerged as the go-to leader in contact center services because of the depth and breadth of our talent. We bridge and intertwine the operational and technical disciplines required to meet the business objectives of today’s contact centers.

Clients engage EPIC as a trusted advisor and hands-on partner.  Whether they are looking for new strategies and new technology directions including omnichannel or moving to the Cloud, seeking to improve performance or customer experience/engagement, or driving toward expansion, EPIC can help.

From start to final goal, EPIC can help in areas such as:

  • Current state benchmarking and gap awareness/analysis
  • Critical business requirements definition and strategic operating model design
  • Provider evaluation and recommendations
  • Technology implementation and deployment services
  • Post-implementation operations and technology optimization services

Leveraging our extensive experience in areas such as workforce optimization, operational effectiveness, performance management, and technology implementation and utilization, EPIC Connections designs optimal solutions for clients by engaging the best talent at the right time with effective strategies, tools, and processes. With 375+ successful contact center engagements, our clients span mid-size to Fortune 500 companies in multiple industries.

Why wait to transform your contact center?

Get started architecting a world-class solution today.

A Holistic View of the Contact Center

EPIC’s engagements align with your objectives, whether you’re looking to develop a new strategy, deploy new technology, improve performance, or manage a process or project.


Create the roapmap for smart, scalable, cost-effective, and enduring contact center solutions. Decrease customer effort, improve performance, and increase margins.


Configure, customize, and deploy your new contact center platform to get your team on the fast track to success. No implementation is too difficult for EPIC.


Amp up performance to get the people, process, and technology equation humming. Use our knowledge, coupled with industry best practices and the latest innovations, to enhance your agents’ performance.


Ensure your contact center operates like a well-oiled machine. Realize your desired results with EPIC’s oversight and governance.

Why Engage EPIC?

We’ve got your back.  We know that transforming your contact center will be some of the toughest work you will ever do—we are your ally in the face of these challenges. These initiatives tend to be high stakes and even higher visibility.  The combination of our experience, realistic and pragmatic advice, and partnership approach will ensure your contact center transformation is not only smooth, but best-in-class. 

  • You need a trusted advisor, not just a vendor – We have real world experience in the contact center trenches at multiple levels, so we know where you’ve been and where you’re going. We’ll bring industry knowledge and real world insights to your project.  We know real change only happens with honest feedback, so we’ll share the facts accompanied by industry benchmarks and best practices.
  • You need results, not just activities – We’ll support you in navigating the difficult decisions and building the business case needed to gain approval. When the time comes to make change happen, we’ll give you the roadmap for what needs to change, when it’s actually feasible, and exactly how to make it a reality step-by-step.
  • You need experts in your corner – Our job is to make you the hero. We will work hand-in-hand with you to maximize results or augment your staff as needed to ensure a great outcome.  By the end of the engagement, you won’t know where your team ends and ours begins.

With EPIC as your transformation partner, you will achieve great things.

“EPIC has been awesome and if they weren’t on the project, we would have had big problems. I think it was money well spent.”

Director of Contact Center Operations, Healthcare Services Provider

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