It’s no surprise that Justin Gregory’s personal theme song is the 1982 smash hit “Eye of the Tiger” by American rock band, Survivor. Much like the Rocky III movie that the song characterizes, Justin loves the thrill of the fight and consistently rises up to the challenge of his rivals.

Known for negotiating killer deals at the car dealership, this meat lover and California kid has an unquenchable thirst for a challenge and prefers adventure garnished with a dash of adrenaline. Disneyland and Long Beach California are his favorite playgrounds, but his recent journey to the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico had him and his family hiking to the tops of Mayan temples in Tulum, snorkeling the crystal blue waters of cenotes (natural sinkholes), and zip lining too.

When this adventurist isn’t seeking his next thrill, he is “spinning stories” and hunting for the next joke. Maybe you have heard some of Justin’s tall tales or witnessed how he witfully spins conversations into laughable situations? Beware! Very few are safe from these exploits, but this is what makes working with Justin so enjoyable.

As EPIC’s Director of Implementations, Justin’s personal character and drive rings true even in his professional motto: Help others win. With his conquering attitude, Justin negotiates the smoothest installations keeping relationships and customer experiences fine-tuned.

Sometimes though, the deal-making jokester must laugh at himself. He’ll never live down his Sophomore year in high school. After moving from sunny California to the Southern plains of Oklahoma, Justin found himself among his new “country boy” classmates in Ag Class. On a field trip to the farm, the Cali kid was given the honor of herding sheep in preparation for sheering. It was that day that Justin (quite painfully) learned a valuable lesson: Sheep can stampede just like bulls.

Bruises, a bloody nose, and ripped jeans aside, Justin views that failure as valuable experience, now a fond memory. Sheep are just one more thing Justin knows how to handle. After all, he has the skills to survive. He has the eye of the tiger.

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