The contact center industry is known for its constant hum of change punctuated by the rapid fire of new technology and a revolving door of providers. When I started EPIC Connections in my home office in 2003, I knew perseverance would be the first requirement for establishing an organization that builds value for their clients. Fifteen years later, our company is a notable industry mainstay whose team of veteran consultants continuously turn that hum into a harmonious soundscape that delivers superior customer experiences. March 2018 marks EPIC Connections’ 15-year anniversary, and I say with great pride that this milestone signifies deep devotion and the strongest partnerships with our clients, associates, employees, partners, and sub-contractors. While others have come and gone, our company succeeds because we strive to deliver EPIC outcomes and be part of something truly EPIC.

Under our mission to “design and deploy the contact center for the future,” EPIC has built a corporate culture around service excellence and an attitude of tenacity to stay ahead of today’s increasing velocity of change. Through the years, EPIC has served the ever-evolving needs of our clients, optimizing outsourced services, responding to the demands of digital and multi-channel customers, migrating to the cloud, and more recently empowering the digital transformation. But as the industry has changed, so too has EPIC.

Looking back, I clearly recall the days when my dog Buddy was the only “employee” in the office. I would say to him, “let’s go solve some problems, Buddy!” Our first real employee was hired in 2006, and our longest running client engaged us in 2008. In 2010, we marked another milestone with the move to our current office space. Our journey has included difficult roads and very urgent situations that required our team to spend countless hours with little sleep to ensure our client’s customers received the best service possible. Along the way, we struggled to rename the company, originally called International Customer Contact Solutions Corporation. After countless hours of back and forth with a marketing firm, it was ultimately a visit to Scrabble Word Finder that revealed the name EPIC. Although we don’t advertise it much, EPIC stands for Email, Phone, IVR, and Chat. Through all of these challenges and adventures, EPIC has learned, adapted, matured, and always come out on top.

Achieving success is never a solo effort, and there are many to thank for our history of success. EPIC could not have done this without our clients who put their trust in our service, confident that we will serve them to the best of our ability and be there whenever they need us. Additionally, we could not have done this without our dedicated associates, employees, partners, and sub-contractors who provide the most professional, high-integrity, and ethical services that continue to result in EPIC’s steadfast reputation for unparalleled service. Our teamwork and unified efforts have served more than 300 clients over the past 15 years! Congratulations on this achievement and thank you for your contributions!

Where will the next 15 years take EPIC? With the industry changing at a meteoric pace, introducing new services and technologies at every turn (CCaaS, UCaaS, AI, IoT, RPA, Omni-channel, AWS, WebRTC, etc.), EPIC’s objective is to assist our clients in the design, deployment, optimization, and management of these innovations, while continuously improving both the agent and customer experience. We aim to grow as a preferred partner in building the contact center of the future.

I see our past achievements and technology expertise as a strong indicator of our future success. In 2009, EPIC responded to our clients’ interest in cloud contact center technology and began partnering with cloud providers in January of 2010. Since then, our cloud technology engagements have grown significantly. We implemented the first cloud platform for a client in 2015 and earned certifications that paved the way for many more. We’re on track to implement over approximately 100 cloud contact center platforms in 2018, which will mark some of our highest achievements yet.

I stand extremely proud of the company that EPIC has become in 15 years and firmly believe that our best years are yet to come.  With the increased need to improve the customer experience through the adoption of scalable, cost-effective cloud-based contact center solutions, EPIC is well positioned to be the leading contact center professional services organization within the next 5 years.

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