Contact centers act as the face of most companies since they deal with customers directly. Naturally, the goal is to make sure that customers are satisfied and remain loyal to the company. But while so many customer service executives rattle their brains for the secret solution to retaining customers, very few think about the obvious starting point that is sitting right in front of them: The Agent.

When a customer reaches out for support, the agent becomes the brand, so the way they handle that interaction determines the customer experience. Executives often forget that agents are real people, who have real feelings that determine how their interactions with customers will go.

If an agent has a bad day, you can bet this will impact the experience he/she delivers. Self-service and IVR mean customers arrive more frustrated and with more complex problems than ever. Agents have to balance sometimes contradictory KPIs, follow scripts, learn tons of technology and process, and maybe work a night shift, all while confined to the lonely world of a contact center cubicle. And the pace never lets up; idle time is at an 11-year low. All this means agents have a lot of bad days.

The result? Poor customer service and ultimately, a lot of employee turnover. And attrition costs contact centers billions of dollars annually.

Many executives think, “We can’t afford to make their lives better.” But part of the problem is that most executives don’t actually understand the full cost of attrition, even though they almost always believe they have measured it. Our partners at Tenacity have found that when they consult with companies and help them get rigorous about measuring it, the thought almost always turns to, “We can’t afford not to make their lives better.” Their solution allows contact centers to leverage new insights in social physics and stress research to dramatically lower attrition, saving contact centers millions annually.

Tenacity’s mission is to bring human back to the workforce. The Tenacity retention-as-a-service solution reduces stress, improves the way people feel, builds meaning into work and connects agents with each other on a human level. It’s a powerful way to get agents to stay in their jobs longer, and to perform better while doing it. Start a discussion below to schedule a consultation.

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