Having grown through acquisitions and mergers, the company had multiple contact centers servicing similar types of callers with different processes and performance measures. Additionally, some of the centers were overstaffed while others were understaffed and customer experience was dependent on the contact center responsible for the account. The company wanted to reduce the overall number of contact centers while implementing enterprise-level operational management capabilities, a universal customer experience model and data-driven culture.


The challenge was approached from multiple fronts including the design and development of a National Operations Center (NOC) and an enterprise-level Workforce Management (WFM) capability. This included:

  • Implementing NICE IEX TotalView
  • Creating a plan to balance occupancy rates by combining like call types and creating agent skill-sets
  • Sharing provider calls across multiple contact centers
  • Developing forecasting and scheduling expertise and capability at the enterprise level
  • Implementing National Operations Center to monitor call flow and contact center performance at the enterprise level and to facilitate command and control for contact center operations


  • Increased service levels during peak season by 150% while reducing overall paid hours through better scheduling strategies and resource management
  • Increased levels of process standardization across the enterprise
  • Promoted consistent customer and provider experiences
  • Consistency of service delivery enabled additional transformation and optimization
  • Created a sales function within the NOC by providing tours to prospective clients and partners

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