A prospective client recently asked, “Why is it that every time I purchase a piece of software, I never come close to realizing the ROI that was promised?”

Your company may be making significant investments in new contact center infrastructure: CRM systems, workforce optimization or other solutions designed to help you deliver a great customer experience. You’ve talked to industry analysts, done the research, and developed a great RFP, maybe even done a quick “bake off” between vendors to ensure you make the best possible technology choice for your business. You are excited about how this technology will revolutionize the way you work and will usher your contact center into a new golden age of customer centricity and omnichannel greatness.  And the ROI of that new technology looks incredible. You’ve got the signatures, you’ve finished the business requirements and you are ready to rock and roll.

There’s just one thing you may have overlooked: the business processes that run deep and wide across every action and activity in your contact center. Most businesses that seek technology transformation are operating on outdated infrastructure, have only a channel, or maybe two, and are filled with “artifacts” in process. These artifacts are work-arounds you have developed to address deficiencies in technology, in staffing and in processes. So what happens if you lay sparkling new technology on top of old world infrastructure?

EPIC has worked with hundreds of customers over the years, and here are the Top-5 results we often encounter when companies don’t optimize their operations and processes BEFORE a major technology implementation:

  1. Delays in implementation and deployment
  2. Change orders and product enhancement requests are made as customers try to force-fit the technology to suit their old way of doing things
  3. Poor results driven by automation of flawed processes
  4. Frustration with the solution “as designed”
  5. Low adoption of new systems and channels by contact center staff

So Optimize BEFORE you buy and get Real ROI Results for your business!

Stay tuned for part 2 of this series, where we will look at key processes that should be optimized as well real world examples of how these optimizations truly revolutionize the service experience.

About EPIC Connections

Founded in 2003, EPIC Connections, Inc. is a global services company that empowers your organization to get real ROI results from every technology deployment. EPIC’s experienced team of contact center professionals optimizes your operations, processes, shapes behaviors, goals and KPIs and ensures you get the maximum benefit from your agents and your technology.

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