According to an inContact/Harris Interactive study, more than 70% of consumers between the age of 18 and 44 would be likely to switch to another brand that offered them a wider array of contact options.  This signals a significant shift in brand loyalty and means that organizations need to get serious about offering customers a hand in creating a service experience that is meaningful to them.  But how do you get started?

  1. Look at your customer segmentation. Is it sufficient to customize their experience?
  2. Ask this question: If we collected ONE more piece of customer information before sending the call/contact to an agent, what would it be and what value would it bring?
  3. Look at your current ACD skills, queues and priorities. Do they need refinement? Could a more personalized experience be created with changes to these tools?
  4. Identify a short list of commitments we can make to our customers that we aren’t doing today, such as scheduled call backs.
  5. Experiment with a new channel that you don’t offer today.  Start small and identify a small group of friendly customers willing to beta test the channel with you.

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