Today’s contact centers need to be able to support an ever increasing demand to communicate with customers in the customer’s preferred manner, while providing improved technology capabilities and lower unit cost for each customer contact. Today’s customer has become more mobile and has multiple tools and means with which to communicate. Contact centers must find ways to meet these customer demands without sacrificing levels of service or allowing operating costs to get out of hand. A look at three cost-effective ways to meet customer demands:

1. Centralized Services
Many contact centers with traditional in-house managed platforms have made the move to more centralized, IP-based telephony platforms. By centralizing services as much as possible, contact centers simplify operational management with fewer technology platforms; reduce costs of carrier and other services by installing them in fewer sites; reduce the number of platforms that need to be maintained and enhanced; and reduce the number and cost of technical resources needed to administer systems.

Centralizing contact center technology into fewer sites also reduces the number and potentially the amount of ancillary platforms required. For many companies, upgrading ACD/PBX platforms across the enterprise can be a daunting and expensive proposition in both capital and human resource expenditures. Adding new multi-channel services such as chat, email, text, IVR, workforce management, or quality management in many cases becomes cost and time prohibitive, leading to situations where the new services don’t get deployed effectively. Often times new solutions (i.e. only one or two of the above capabilities) are added and key service components are missing or lack integration with overall contact center technology.

2. Cloud Services
Contact center services hosted in the cloud are becoming more and more prevalent. Major hosting providers can easily deploy multi-channel, fully integrated contact center services for small and large companies, reducing the need for costly and time consuming upgrades, freeing capital budget dollars for other key company services and staff to focus on important customer requirements.

3. Carrier Cost Savings
Enhancements to carrier services over the past few years have made moving toll free and local numbers from in-house providers to cloud providers a relatively simple process. As a result, numbers are no longer tied to carriers or local markets. Hosted contact center companies often have lower telecom rates than in-house providers due to the large call volumes they manage and relationships with carriers and resellers. In addition to reduced costs for capital improvements and upgrades, carrier cost savings can be significant for companies with large toll free or even local calling services.

EPIC Connections has assisted numerous clients with reviewing options for enhancing or refreshing contact center technologies, evaluating hosted contact center providers as an option or complement to in-house services, and determining financial impact of contact center centralization. Consider these options especially when you are at a crossroads with renewing vendor maintenance agreements, upgrading or replacing technology, looking at hosting or co-location services, or creating budgets for the coming year.

EPIC can also assist in reviewing telecommunication carrier, and other vendor, contracts and invoicing in an effort to reduce costs, discover billing anomalies or errors, and recommend improved rate structures for your telecommunication needs. This might be especially valuable when you are evaluating or renewing carrier contracts, as well as adding or consolidating contact center locations. EPIC and its partners may be able to save you 10-30% on your telecommunication services through bill reviews and improved contract terms and conditions.

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