In today’s business environment, leaders and employees at all levels find themselves awash in a sea of never ending data. It seems wherever one turns there is talk of the “big data” that is available and the ills that can be cured with it. This is certainly true in the realm of customer experience management where many organizations are attempting to utilize data that will simultaneously improve the customer experience and increase operational efficiencies pertaining to contact center performance. Data proliferation is nothing new for the contact center industry. However, while data abounds, meaningful insight does not. “Big data,” thus far, has not proven to be a silver bullet capable on its own merits of helping organizations transform and effectively improve their processes and business outcomes.

Data provides the foundation for organizational transformation but only if it is consumed and utilized effectively. This can be done by following a series of steps. First, the organization must determine what it truly considers important and then what it wants or needs to know around those priorities. No organization can manage every metric that is made available through data and trying to do so only promotes frustration. Once the organization has identified what’s important, and what it needs to know, it must determine how to utilize the associated data.

EPIC takes a holistic approach to turning data into insight by establishing and validating goals and objectives and then translating those into key performance indicators. By gaining access to the needed data, managers can utilize and then incorporate the resulting reports into day to day management processes.


  • Goals & Objectives
  • Data availability analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Best practices
  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Training methods
  • Performance management processes
  • Process implementation
  • Strategy execution
  • Management support
  • Provide expert resources
  • Process tuning
  • Performance metrics
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve operational efficiencies

When approaching the complexities associated with how to best utilize data, it is important to have a solid foundation such as that created during the EPIC Assess and Design phases. However, where most of our clients struggle is in the implementation phase. This is the period in which managers are often the most uncomfortable with new data and technology and tend to fall back to their comfort zones. EPIC developed expertise over the years to combat this tendency by providing ongoing management coaching and executive perspective to ensure the connection between technology, process and human capital is thoroughly integrated.

And what’s the benefit of adopting this approach? Determining what is meaningful data and making it readily available helps contact center managers make better decisions. This data can also be used to validate goals and objectives, which when combined with incorporating best practices from experts in the industry, leads to improved operational efficiencies, resulting in reduced costs. The combination of these additional resources gives you the power to implement organizational transformation.

About EPIC

EPIC is a global Professional Services company that spans three primary service domains: consulting, outsourcing and managed services. EPIC offers clients turnkey outsourcing and managed services solutions, as well as consulting services in all aspects of contact center assessment, benchmarking, design, deployment, optimization, and management to improve the customer experience while reducing costs.

We look forward to helping you achieve your corporate objectives. We can be reached at (402) 884-4700 or

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