What do customers want? And, how do they get it?

globe-cmykCustomers want to be treated with dignity. According to a 2013 national customer rage survey sponsored by Arizona State University, this was the #1 response from complainants who were asked to compare what they wanted with they got. Other “wants” included an apology, a thank you for their business and an explanation of why the problem occurred. And, what do these answers have in common? They are all non-monetary remedies.

One of the challenges facing today’s contact center is a lack of data integration and a consolidated view of customer data. The results of the rage study show us that customers are frustrated. And nothing is more frustrating than engaging a customer service agent on one channel (chat for example) and switching to another (phone) only to have to start from the beginning.

With today’s hyper-connected customer, data needs to be shared, analyzed and, most importantly, acted upon quickly across multiple platforms. By optimizing your contact center’s people, process and technology components you can improve the customer experience and see greater return on investment.

Utilizing proper technology, defining and standardizing KPIs and providing ongoing training for all agents are integral pieces of the modern multi-channel contact center. The first step is to identify the requirements of the business and then use the tools that integrate and drive success.



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