Top 5 Reasons Why Successful Companies Use Contact Center Managed Services



1. Best of Breed Technology Tools

New tools are deployed seamlessly with the ability to leverage the assets securely across a set of clients for running and maintaining technology and data. The client only pays for what they use, and is thus an on-demand service.


2. Experienced Contact Center Infrastructure

Within managed services applications, highly-trained experts offer end-to-end technical and operational support to enable tools, monitor performance, and perform trouble-shooting.


3. Advanced Analytics Applied To Contact Center Effectiveness

Network management with 24/7 monitoring analysis including network visibility, performance views, troubleshooting, application performance and alerts.


4. OPEX versus CAPEX Model

Managed Services are cloud-based and allow clients to utilize an OPEX pricing model that consists only of services that are utilized.


5. Maximum Utilization Of Existing Platforms

Provider deploys world-class knowledgebase solutions via leading marketplace tools and has the ability to assess, recommend, and deploy the optimal knowledgebase tool based on each client’s requirements.


If you have questions on how EPIC’s highly qualified operations technology professionals can assist your company with leveraging infrastructure in the contact center enterprise with a focus on high service reliability, iron-clad security and fast, scalable performance give us a call.

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