Data Security In the Cloud…what you need to know

Data security can be a challenge when a contact center moves to a cloud solution, especially for banks and financial institutions. In EPIC’s view, data security needs to be addressed very early in the design process and we recommend having the security team’s approval before beginning the technology transformation. EPIC manages these efforts by facilitating collaboration between data security experts from the customer and the provider.

Cloud-ComputingWhy move to the cloud? Let’s start with some of the most commonly known benefits:

* Reduce capital costs
* Increase business agility
* Eliminate need for infrastructure management and focus on core competencies
* Maximize utilization of hardware and software
* Accelerate business innovation

There are many advantages to cloud platforms and confidence in cloud security is becoming less of a concern. According to EPIC’s industry leading technology partners, it is important to address security at all levels: data security, physical security, network/systems security and application level security.

Selecting a cloud platform that offers multiple layers of security, which meet or exceed industry standards, is vital. To keep sensitive information secure, it is recommended you protect the data using a security solution that is portable across all computing platforms and operating systems and works within a private, public or hybrid cloud computing environment.

While a breach of personal information, such as a large retailer and home improvement company recently experienced, can make for a big story in the media, these breaches most often occur at the point of sale at a merchant, not in the cloud. Regardless where the breach occurs, all organizations need disaster recovery and business continuity plans in place implemented by experts you can trust.

EPIC’s team of highly qualified cloud technology professionals is available to assist with leveraging cloud-based services in the contact center enterprise with a focus on high service reliability, iron-clad security and fast, scalable performance.

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