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We frequently hear the terms in sequence… “People, Process, and Technology.”  Rightfully, as many organizations seek to make changes or improvements, this 360° view is required and warranted.  In recent years, organizations have invested in technology improvements in such areas as workforce management, analytics, quality, self-service, reporting, scripting and others.  Many companies use formalized tools such as EPIC’s Assessment Model to holistically define the business requirements for these technology improvements.

One of the frequent client challenges we see with new technology deployment is what we call, “The Partial ROI.”   Many times when new tools are implemented, either internally or via a technology vendor, the basic functionality is all that is deployed.  Thus, the impact is a partial solution with minimal success.  Unfortunately, more work is required to achieve the ultimate payback and optimal user experience.  We see the gap in the deployment typically related to one or more of the following factors:

  • Lack of awareness of the optimal ROI drivers
  • Lack of required internal resources to complete the implementation
  • Project fatigue
  • Lack of understanding of inter-dependencies between different tools
  • Understanding how to pivot from specialized implementation teams to improvement teams
  • Inability to transition to post-implementation ROI models
  • Gaps in training curriculum

Often, after the initial deployment, it is the contact center staff’s responsibility to deploy the functionality beyond the basics in order to reap the full benefits.  However, doing this may require additional resources the contact center doesn’t have, resulting in the contact center only using the basic functionality.  And, in some cases, EPIC consultants have observed a contact center reverting back to a previous process and technology.

To determine whether your new technology investment is fully optimized, review the following list of questions:

  • What percentage of the functionality of the new tools are being used?
  • Are you reverting back to “solution Band-Aids”?
  • Have you validated your original payback assumptions?
  • Has a process for continuous improvement and measurement been identified?
  • Do you have the expertise to drive further success and how can you gain this most economically?

Choosing the right tools and solutions for your company is critical.  Typically, this is done by balancing cost, ROI, and lifetime customer value.  Likewise, optimizing these tools requires unique focus and expertise and results in an immediate impact. If you have questions about the “R” in your technology ROI investments, you are not alone, and an assessment focused in this area may be worth a look.

EPIC’s team of highly qualified deployment and optimization Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are available to assist you with the optimization of your existing technology and tools.  Our SWAT Team will assist in the completion of the deployment/optimization phase and train your associates on how to maximize the functionality and reap the full benefits of the tools.  Let us share with you how we have assisted other clients with these challenges and delivered the expected ROI.

EPIC Consultant’s Insights is a regular, first-hand look at key industry challenges.  For more information from a leading provider of contact center consulting and outsourcing services, contact EPIC at 402-884-4700.  This month’s insights are provided by Steve Weston, Managing Partner, EPIC Consulting.

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