photodune-7986700-welcome-xsContact center agents have difficult jobs and they are even more challenging when there are language barriers with the customers they are interacting with. That’s when language interpretation services can become useful.

Language interpreting can be performed quickly and also improve the overall customer experience.

The Language Challenge

Many “types” of problem resolutions are complex by nature. With more technology related problems, regulatory compliance issues, and privacy concerns talking a secondary language customer through an issue can be very upsetting for the customer and the agent.

Most contact center outsourcers provide limited alternative language options other than Spanish in the United States and French in Canada. Speakers of less prevalent languages are out of luck and have to stumble through calls with agents who only speak the dominant languages.

There is an Effective Alternative

A language interpretation service has access to a large pool of linguistic professionals, each with their own language specialization. Contact centers don’t need to provide these linguists with benefits, incentives or management oversight. The headaches related to recruiting, training and maintaining linguistic staffs become someone else’s problem.

When faced with an unfamiliar language, a contact center agent can transfer the call to an interpretation, and get referred to a linguistic professional who speaks the right language. With todays technology this transfer can be performed seamlessly within a matter of seconds.

An Agent’s Friend

Contact center agents are constantly having their performance measured. Call times are the primary driver between an agent being highly productive or poorly performing. Proper use of a language interpretation service can significantly improve an agents overall performance and their stress level.

All parties involved in the transaction win. The customer experience is enhanced and the agent benefits from the reduced call time. The contact center benefits from more efficient workflow.

Implementing Language Interpretation

Language interpreters are meant to be as unobtrusive as possible.

By using a language interpretation service bureau for example, contact center agents can connect in seconds and request an interpreter who knows the customer’s language. If the agent can’t tell what language is being spoken, the language interpretation coordinator can determine it. Upon recognizing the language, it’s just a simple matter of a three-way conference call.

If increased customer satisfaction and better contact center metrics aren’t enough of an incentive, companies will find that language service agencies offer a wide variety of additional services – such as on-site interpreting and translation, which can be used to complement or even expand other areas of your business. Most interpretation services work 24/7 365 days per year.

Companies are always looking for ways to improve their operations while saving money. Language Interpretation Services allows them to do both.

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