bill-pieper2We’ve all heard about it and read about it, in fact, you’re probably tired of hearing the term “cloud” thrown around loosely by so many people. It’s time to take a step back and look at this thing called “Cloud Technology” for what it is….A Game Changer.

With a significant number of years under its belt “the cloud” has proven to be an effective way to operate a contact center. In this month’s EPIC Insights/News our featured article “Cloud Technology….What Are You Waiting For?” reviews the positive and negative aspects of working in this new environment, as well as giving you some tried and true methods on how to make your technology transformation projects run smoothly.

Moving your hardware is only a piece of the overall picture. Many new software applications have emerged that can help your call center operate at optimal levels. Workforce Management software has taken this tedious, complex, frustrating activity within your contact center and consolidated it under one application. Being able to harness the power of Workforce Management tools can lead to dramatic improvements. You can read about the benefits you can gain and how you can recognize Who Your Top Performers Really Are.

Lastly, we are a sponsor of Call Center Week 2014 Convention & Expo and look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas, NV June 10th-12th. Contact us for a 30% discount to the conference.

Hope you find this month’s Insights informative and beneficial.

Thank you.

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