You’ve all heard it before: “Do More With Less.” In fact, you’ve probably heard it in the last few months during your organization’s 2014 budgeting process. For contact centers, “Doing More With Less” is an ambitious goal where you are forced to work with a smaller budget while still improving the overall customer experience. Sound familiar?

In order to accomplish the task at hand, you need help. Luckily, technology advances in the last few years have shown that they can help you streamline the demands of keeping your contact center running efficiently through these frugal times.

Workforce Management Solutions

Labor costs are one of the highest cost items in a contact center and unfortunately, one of the first items that takes a hit in the budgeting process. It is extremely important that the resources you are able to retain are working at the highest level. Workforce Management Solutions can help you do just that.

Are you scheduling the right agents at the right time? This is often a struggle for a number of organizations because many are still using spreadsheets to forecast and export data for agent scheduling. A Workforce Management Solution enables easy and efficient agent scheduling, staffing the right people and real-time schedule adherence with the right skills at the right time of day.

These powerful workforce management tools help contact centers optimize operational efficiencies, employee satisfaction and ultimately the customer experience. You can continually improve and refine your contact center operations from the knowledge gained through the use of Workforce Management Solutions.

Speech Analytics Solutions

Do you know which topics or issues come up the most during calls in your contact center?

Speech Analytics is the process of analyzing calls for information, bringing structure to customer interactions and exposing information buried in contact center interactions with customers.

Speech Analytics in contact centers can be used to extract critical business intelligence that would otherwise be lost. By analyzing and categorizing phone conversations between companies and their customers, useful information can be discovered relating to strategy, product, process, operational issues and contact center agent performance. This information gives decision-makers insight into what customers really think about their brand so that they can react quickly.

Quality Assurance Analysts are able to analyze the calls and filter data that is relevant as soon as the calls are being made by searching for specific key words, terms or phrases. The data is then used to generate trends that are crucial for training agents on areas of performance improvement.

Quality Assurance Solutions

Customer retention is one of the many reasons that satisfying customers has become a key priority among progressive organizations. Are your agents answering your customer’s questions and concerns the first time they contact your organization? Addressing the customer’s need the first time they call is critical, thereby eliminating the need for the customer to follow up with a second call. Benchmark data indicates acceptance of increased talk time as long as the first call resolution rate increases as well.

Do you find that some of your agents have longer handle times than others? This may be due to a customer having a lot of questions, but what if the agent is having trouble answering the customers’ concerns? Through the use of Quality Assurance Solutions managers now have a systematic way to evaluate and coach agents, which will lead to improved customer satisfaction and increase employee retention.

Scorecards and KPIs

Managers can create customized scorecards that reflect company goals and key performance indicators. QA Solutions create a straightforward process, prompting users to input definitions to ensure consistent call review. Queries can be categorized on the scorecards to ease the scoring process and simplify reporting. Quality Assurance Managers select the appropriate scorecard responses and can add notes to each question. Annotations can be inserted so the interaction can be referenced in future coaching sessions.

Reports help QA Managers identify trends and track employee progress. Calibration data enables evaluation by the quality assurance team and identifies discrepancies in agent’s understanding of the evaluation criteria. Managers can quickly search for completed evaluations using multiple search criteria allowing for easy retrieval during individual coaching sessions.

Workforce Management, Speech Analytics and Quality Assurance Solutions are just a few of the ways to “Do More With Less.” If you would like further information relating to any or all of these areas, let us know how we can assist.

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